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Your Message Matters

Hiring a voice that is compelling, authentic, and trustworthy to voters is an important key in making sure your campaign or issue is heard.

Let’s talk about your needs. Rich is willing to voice many issues as long as they aren’t deeply offensive. He will voice ads for most political parties, including and not limited to Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green. The goal is that you have a good experience and will receive quality results.

Rich is a former government spokesperson and public information officer. He knows how to help your political voiceovers be on point. Rich can help you be more comfortable through a pleasant and professional experience while building your campaign project. He is familiar with delivering messages to the community in ways they are comfortable hearing them.  Read More

Rich served in local and state government roles and has worked in many capacities to support, serve, and educate community members.

Listen to Rich’s political demos above or request a custom audition or quote for your project. Email your details to or use the contact form below.


Quick Turnaround • Budget Focused • Hassle Free

Searching through hundreds of auditions takes time and can be a hassle. Your time is valuable. I'll record your script and deliver broadcast-quality audio fast and to your specifications.

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