Characters & Animation

A lifetime of experiences brings a world of characters

Your characters need a sense of authenticity, even when they’re just a bit far-fetched or out of this world!

Rich can help bring your character to life. He’s reinvented himself many times during his time on this earth. A father, a government communicator, a puppeteer, a clown, a musician, a paramedic, a public speaker, a firefighter, a teacher, a storyteller — and more! Rich has done all of this in his real life. Why shouldn’t he be able to portray your character, too?

I’m happy to talk to you about your videogame or animation project. I’d like to help you explore the character you envision and bring it to life for you. Ask me for a custom audition of your script; I’m glad to provide one!

Trust your character voices to me and I will help ease your burden of getting it right while helping you meet your project objectives. Email your details to or use the contact form below.

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