I provide voiceover and narration services.

  • Broadcast commercials, including radio, television, and web
  • Corporate narration
  • E-learning, corporate training
  • Explainers and whiteboard videos
  • Political ads and messages
  • Audiobook narration
  • Live announcing: conferences, events, webinars, presentations, emcee
  • Video intros and outros
  • Podcast intros and outros
  • Telephone: IVR and message on hold

Audio Production

I began producing audio in 1982. I’ve never stopped! The world of audio production has changed a lot since my humble beginnings and I’ve stayed current with all the skills and technology to help your project be the best it can. Of course, I can produce effectively for almost all of the projects listed above.


As a former radio guy, the concept of hosting a professional show is not lost. To give more credit to my experience, I began producing and hosting my first podcasts in 2005. This was the first wave of podcasts and we were all learning a lot about how this medium differed from traditional broadcasting.

I continued to learn all of the best practices and have worked with private, commercial, and even government agencies and non-profits to help them produce quality shows.

Some of the things I can do to help your podcast succeed include:

  • Editing
  • Noise reduction
  • Mixing
  • Mastering show to accepted professional loudness standards
  • Hosting/co-hosting
  • Consulting on best delivery practices, including how to engage your audience from the very beginning of the show

Music Editing

I edit music for many types of projects, including video and stage productions. I even edit audio for dance studios! Having trouble getting the beats to match for that recital or stage performance? I’ll lock that beat for you.