Audiobook Production Services

Mastering Only

Optimize your audiobook’s sound quality with Rich’s mastering-only service, ensuring it meets the rigorous ACX standards for clarity and loudness.

Fees cover your full audiobook:

  • $65 per audiobook up to 22 files
  • $75 per audiobook beyond 22 files

Mixing & Mastering

Refine audio tracks with comprehensive mixing and mastering to produce a seamless audiobook experience.

Mixing involves carefully evaluating your audio and creating balanced EQ and compression for vocal clarity and warmth.

$15 per finished hour – includes mastering to ACX standards

Full Production

This is a three-step process:

  • Editing: Rich will go through your recordings to help reduce lip/mouth sounds, reduce outside noises when possible (you should control this in your recording environment, but sometimes things slip into your recording), adjust long pauses or those that interfere with the pace or flow of your narration.
  • Mixing – as described
  • Mastering – as described

$70 per finished hour.

Contact Rich for a quote if you also require the removal of narration mistakes or repeated content in your files.

Ready to Elevate Your Audiobook?

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