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Hey, You have a great voice, you should do audiobooks!

If only it were that simple. I’ve had people tell me that my voice is perfect for things like radio, audiobooks, videos and more for years.

But, you know what? A good voice can be a real drag if you can’t tell a good story. Do you have a good story? I can help you tell it in engaging ways! Why? Read on:


My career has given me the opportunity to do many things that benefit a voice actor and narrator. I have shared info, stories, and lessons as a public information officer, an agency spokesperson, an educator for both adults and children, a curriculum developer, and a mental health advocate. 

I’ve been a radio reporter, a government supervisor, a firefighter, a paramedic, a musician, and even a circus clown! These experiences help me understand the needs of many projects — and believe me — have given me a wealth of my own stories to tell. And people keep asking me to tell them, so they must be interested, right?!

Trust your audiobook narration to me and I will help ease your burden of getting it right while helping you bring your characters to life.

I’ll provide quality audio files ready for Audible, Findaway Voices, or your specific publishing specifications. I record in my broadcast-quality home studio, which is fine-tuned and accepted by many publishing houses to meet their standards.

I enjoy narrating both fiction and non-fiction titles. Email your details to or use the contact form below.

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