Rich Palmer • Male Voice Actor & Narrator in Cincinnati
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Quick Turnaround • Budget Focused • Hassle Free

Searching through hundreds of auditions takes time and can be a hassle. Your time is valuable. I’ll record your script and deliver broadcast-quality audio fast and to your specifications.

Getting quality voiceovers should be pleasant!

There are many people that can provide you with a professional outcome. That’s a no-brainer. You should also be able to enjoy the experience of getting there. It should be pleasant, conversational, easy, and even fun. Time is too valuable. I want you to have a successful experience and stand by my commitment to helping you have the best outcome.

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You want professional quality audio. Here's how I get it to you:

Studio Gear

  • Sennheiser MKE 600 microphone
  • Audio-Technica AT 4040 microphone
  • Rodecaster Pro Mixer/Interface with Class-A Servo Biased Preamps
  • Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface
  • Audacity/Reaper/Hindenburg Narrator
  • Tuned home-studio booth using Auralex products

Delivery Methods

  • 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz mono/stereo 16 and 24bit audio


  • Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP.

  • SourceConnect, phone patch, Zoom, and similar


American General
American Midwest
American Southern
New York

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What People Say

Manuel Grassi - Jet Base

Rich did an awesome job, his voice is outstanding, the recordings are crystal clear and he is very cooperative. Every milestone has been delivered within 2 days and always before the deadline. Extremely recommended if you’re looking for a very good voice actor. – 5 Stars

Dave Jackson - School of Podcasting

Rich Palmer is the classic example of a “Go To Guy.” If I find myself in a situation where I need something yesterday, I know I can call on Rich and he will come through, provide great sounding work, deliver it exactly the way I wanted it, and then provide it at an affordable price. It’s no wonder that I hear his voice is appearing on more and more websites, podcasts, and radio spots.

Mike Cornett - Miami Valley Communications Council

So how do you make compelling video that people will watch? Ask Rich. Rich was on a short list of imaginative and fun clients that I was able to work with at MVCC. His projects were much more innovative than most of the government video that I produced. It can be hard work figuring out how to grab people’s attention, but Rich seems to never run out of fantastic ideas.

Mark Basnight - SummitET

Rich is a great example of a professional. His experience as a public information officer has afforded him access to people and insight to information, others would never have. Rich’s communication skills have been demonstrated with humility and empathy that causes him to stand out.

Quick Turnaround | Budget Focused | Hassle Free

Tell Me About Your Project

There are many people who can provide you with a professional outcome. That’s a no-brainer. You should also be able to enjoy the experience of getting there. Whether you’re looking for a narrator for your book, a training course for your employees, or commercials for radio, TV, or the internet, I’ll help make your project go more smoothly.  I stand by my commitment to help you get voice-overs easily.