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image of Rich Palmer wearing his fire helmet next to the fire engine

From Radio to Public Safety to Voice Over 

How can Rich provide a knowing voice to your story, your e-learning project, your explainer video, your specialty narration, or your public service announcement? Because he has been:

  A firefighter/paramedic

  A public information officer

  A safety educator

  A curriculum designer

  A media affairs professional

  A government wonk

  A Certified Public Manager®

  An audio-visual producer

  A radio announcer

  A copywriter

  A mental health first aid trainer and advocate

Many of those were at the same time!


He’s a music guy and podcaster, too!

Rich is also a performing musician. Let him work with you to tailor the perfect “voice” for your projects.

Rich has produced and hosted podcasts since 2005.

You can follow Rich’s adventures into his career as a voice artist through his show  Road to VO .

image of Rich on stage singing and playing bass
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