Rich Palmer • Male Voice Actor & Narrator in Cincinnati
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Rich Palmer

Rich Palmer

Voice Actor, Narrator, Musician

This Guy Gets It

Rich can help you tell your story well because he understands how to communicate in ways that engage your clients and listeners. He understands how they listen.

His career has given him the opportunity to do many things that benefit a voice actor and narrator. He has shared information, stories, and lessons as a public information officer, an agency spokesperson, an educator, a curriculum developer, and mental health advocate. He has been a government supervisor, a firefighter/paramedic, and a musician.  These experiences help him understand the needs of many types of projects.

Knowing how to present, engage, educate, and entertain is important when you want your story to be just right.

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ACX Masterclass
The Accents Class with Jim Johnson and Dan O’Day
Brad Hyland – American Voice Power
J. Michael Collins – JMC Coaching

From Radio to Public Safety to Voice Actor 

How can Rich provide a knowing voice to your book, your e-learning project, your explainer video, your training, your specialty narration, your commercial or your public service announcement? Because he has been:

  • A firefighter/paramedic
  • A public information officer
  • A safety educator
  • A curriculum designer
  • A media affairs professional
  • A government wonk
  • A Certified Public Manager®
  • An audio-visual producer
  • A radio announcer
  • A copywriter
  • A mental health first aid trainer and advocate
  • A non-escalation vs. de-escalation trainer
  • A musician
  • A podcast producer, editor, and host

Many of those were at the same time!


image of Rich Palmer wearing his fire helmet next to the fire engine