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image of Rich Palmer wearing his fire helmet next to the fire engine

From Radio to Public Safety to Voice Actor 

How can Rich provide a knowing voice to your book, your e-learning project, your explainer video, your training, your specialty narration, your commercial or your public service announcement? Because he has been:

  • A firefighter/paramedic
  • A public information officer
  • A safety educator
  • A curriculum designer
  • A media affairs professional
  • A government wonk
  • A Certified Public Manager®
  • An audio-visual producer
  • A radio announcer
  • A copywriter
  • A mental health first aid trainer and advocate
  • A non-escalation vs. de-escalation trainer
  • A musician
  • A podcast producer, editor, and host

Many of those were at the same time!


Telling your story

Rich has been a creative for most of his life. He has produced audio as both a freelancer and an employee for many years. From humble beginnings as a radio announcer to serving as the key spokesperson and public information officer for government agencies, Rich understands the value of a good story. As a former safety educator and curriculum builder, he knows how to present your topic in engaging ways.

Rich is a passionate reader. He loves science-fiction, suspense, and biographies, but he also uses his warm, calming voice to help educate and inform in non-fiction titles.

Rich is excited to share your message and tell your story with quality narration. Have Rich tell your story!