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I was very sad to receive this in my email on January 1. I fully understand why needed to close; I only wish that I had been able to be more active at the site.

One of the reasons that they decided to call it quits was the lack of participating audience members at the site. Many great musicians performed at TheStage, but they could never seem to draw audiences of any size to see them. Though each artist had the opportunity to cross-post their performances at Facebook, Twitter, and the like, it never seemed to result in people taking a look. I will miss the site.

I took a look at YouNow as they recommended. I don’t know that this site will be a place of interest to me or not. It will take some time for me to judge the community there to determine if it is worthwhile.

Here’s the email:

Unfortunately, we have made the decision to close Thanks so much for your participation and support on the web’s first open mic.

We would like this opportunity to bring to your attention to a new site: YouNow Music. is a new collaborative broadcasting site that we really like and believe will be a good alternative for our community.

YouNow features many contests, and in fact will be having a Singer/Songwriter contest in January, with prizes over $5,000.

(Last Contest Try outs are January 10th 5-7 PM EST!)

More details here.

So, please browse on over to and become familiar with the system so you are ready to participate in the contest, or check out some of the other channels that YouNow offers (e.g. comedy, talk, etc.).

Best regards,
-Kevin and Lisa

Rich Desoto at Watsamakalit Point

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Listen on posterous

Did you miss the show? You can listen to my performance from 6 February. Of course, I would love it if you catch these live, but from time to time I’ll post my performances here (if I feel the recording is good enough to share).

This is presented warts and all. There is an apparent skip in the second song. I guess that’s what makes it live.

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Rich Palmer Live at Watsamakalit Point in Second Life – 6 February 2011 by Rich Palmer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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Help Me Help a Musician: Show Download

A friend and musician, Michelle Pillers (Micki Underwood in Second Life), has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma of the brain. This is a fairly early catch and the survival prognosis is about 70%. However, her treatments may take from six months to year.

It has been discovered that she doesn’t have health insurance to cover this challenge. Because it will be considered a preexisting condition she will find it very difficult to get coverage for her medical expenses.

Today I performed a benefit show in Second Life to help raise funds for Michelle. Many artists performed throughout the day and people are being very generous. We still need to do all we can. So… I am offering a recording of today’s show (warts and all) for you to download. You are certainly welcome to the recording for free, but I think Michelle and everyone else would appreciate it if you would donate a bit to the cause.

The PayPal link will allow you to donate online — you can use any major credit card (Visa, MC, AEx or Discover) or your PayPal account to do so. Please contribute. Every little bit helps. Your donation will be send directly to Michelle.

Download the Show File Here