I’m in Ohio serving the public, creating media & music. 

Public and Work Commitments

I serve as Assistant Chief at the Ohio Division of State Fire Marshal, Fire Prevention Bureau. I supervise a team of field educators. I also develop lesson plans to add to the current fire and life safety education curriculum.

I am participating as a member of the IFSTA validation committee for the upcoming fourth edition of their publication Fire and Life Safety Educator.

I serve as an Executive Board Member of Education Section of the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). I also serve the state of Ohio as the chosen education network representative.

I was recently elected to the President-Elect position for the Ohio Certified Public Manager® Society. I had been serving as Public Relations Chair for the past several years. We are beginning a renaissance and have been working with Cleveland State University as they reestablish the OCPM training program. In this role, I also serve as on the Advisory Board of the Ohio Certified Public Manager® program held at Cleveland State University.

Side Work

I’ve recently been certified as a Mental Health First Aid virtual instructor. I work part-time in this role with Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio. To schedule a class for your group or organization at no cost, or for more information, please contact:

I serve as audio engineer and editor of the CRR Radio podcast. This is part of the IFE USA Branch Vision 20/20 project. I also assist with social media posting and maintenance/updates to the project web site.

I also work freelance as a voiceover artist, offering services when the odd-job is requested.


I am the bassist with the band Counting Skeletons. We play about twice a month at various clubs around southwest Ohio, including Dayton and Cincinnati. This is primarily 80s covers, with the occasional newer tune, esp. if it helps motivate people to dance or sing along. We also produce a monthly web series called Tales from the Closet.

Counting Skeletons has an album of original songs called Super Moon. It features a great lineup of musicians who helped us with the project, including drummer Greg Goforth and singer Nyci Lorts. Drum tracks were engineered by Matt Hueneman of Cattle Dog Productions.

I’ve begun practicing cello again. I recently purchased an NS Design NXT4a electric cello. I enjoy working on my technique and have been rebuilding my proficiency (slowly, but surely). This is a truly well engineered musical instrument. I highly recommend it to those that want to branch out to electric cello.


I have stopped producing the Audio Gumshoe independent music podcast. I started this in 2005 as the Miami Valley Musicast. The show was in production through 2019, with a brief hiatus in 2018. Unfortunately, my time commitments elsewhere make it difficult to continue the show.

While dealing with COVID-19

I’m listening to many audio books. I listen to far too many to even list at this point.

I listen to the very occasional podcast. Though I was an avid podcast listener for roughly ten or more years, I’m finding them to be too boring most of the time. Occasionally, I find a stand-out show that catches my attention. [Editorial: Most producers need to step up their game.] When driving, I tend to have a lot on my mind and most podcasts either distract or cause me to get drowsy.


I’ve finished the book The Institute by Stephen King.* One of the most interesting books of his I’ve ever read. It’s very little supernatural and much more human element vs. psychology vs. doing social good. Or something. Worth checking out in my opinion.

I’ve begun reading One Train Later: A Memoir by Andy Summers.* I’ve only just begun the book. I’m curious, as always, about his story and works both in and out of the Police. I had set this one aside to read others.

*Not an affiliate link.

Current as of 21 October 2020